7 Tips To Spend Your Leisure In Summer

Summer time is best to spend outdoors with family by visiting destinations that promise newer fun filled experiences. Time spent together and involving in busy activities will keep your children happy and joyful.

It could be to places where you and your children take long walks in beautiful environment, cycle cobblestone pathways, hike the mountains, scuba dive, do deep water diving, take trips to bird sanctuaries, or places of wildlife reserves or by just visiting places to shop and play. It could be anything but should promise relaxation and fun.

Treat yourself with Wildlife adventure


Yellowstone National Park which is known for its geysers has a rich diversity of wildlife. Excitement is assured in Zambia`s Kafue to watch from a distance bison, hippopotamus, leopards. Seeing these animals and birds in their natural habitat is an enriching experience your kids will never forget. Kenya is another place for wildlife lovers where you can spot different kinds of antelopes and varieties of birds.

Surf by the beaches

If surfing seems to interest you and your children, then some of the best places to be this summer would be Playa Grande of Costa Rica, Uluwatu in Bali, Sydney`s Bondi Beach, Morocco`s Tagazout, Tavarua Island in Fiji.

Walking Trails and Bicycling Mountain Pathssnorkeling-sea

There are many places that can offer inexpensive but healthy outdoor activity for children and adults to have great fun. Walking trails in Prague, Greece, Austria, and Switzerland are some of the best spots in the world for such activity.

Places to snorkel

Take a dive into the waters of Maldives, Bali or Greece this summer to watch the marine life in its best.  Watching strange species of the fish kingdom in Papua New Guinea are some of the exciting things to be done this summer. Watching marine life underwater can be a great experience. However, the best snorkeling destination is in the waters of Rurutu of Tahiti, where you can swim past aquatic animals in the clear waters. Other noteworthy places to snorkel would be Bahamas and the archipelago of Les Medes.

Trips to National Parks

These places fill you with deep wonder and enrapture your attention with their majestic landscapes. National parks give your children a lifetime experience to see the beauty of nature, natural surroundings, deep winding valleys, cascading waterfalls, geysers, craters, glaciers- that they read about in their geography books. It would all seem to come alive for them.

Enjoy the rich biodiversity in the world`s best National Parks of Torres del Paine, waterfalls at Niagara, Madhya Pradesh, Corbett Park, Australia`s Kakadu, China`s Yellow Dragon, Archaeological sites of Thailand. Scenic Grand Canyon is a must see this summer for your children.

Famous Museums to have a glimpse of the past

If you do not want to take the hot summer with sun and heat, then visit places of interest and amusements. Pieces of art, ancient relics, and coins always intrigue the young minds. Children will find it exciting to visit such places and broaden their understanding of the nature and world around them.

Visits to museums would be a good thing to do.  Best Museums in Europe, Middle East are places one cannot ignore. Others can be of the Middle East, Oriental countries, Indian Subcontinent, Sri Lanka, London, Belgium, Netherlands and many more.

Time to visit botanical gardenstrip to botanical gardens

When the sun is out, it is time for flowers to blossom with its sweet scent around the air. Summer times give us a visual treat to watch nature at its best and pristine moments.  Tulips that grow in abundance, Cherry blossoms in their colorful best, unfolding of the dainty petals of daffodils, hued poppies are best to capture with your sight in this summer.

If we are heading far away from our place for leisure trips, hotels & resorts are needs to be booked in advance. Booking Hotel in online is the stress-free method to reduce our time spent and make our trip uncomplicated. So it’s significant to create a plan before a trip for choosing destination, duration, transport, accommodation and other facilities to enjoy our leisure in the coolest way.