Romantic Picnic Ideas For Couples

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Having a picnic for two is a very romantic activity! A picnic is one of those activities where two people can be as close as ever and enjoy each other’s company. While it’s also very possible to bond while doing adventurous or informative activities like hiking or visiting historic places, the serenity of a picnic will really get the love flowing!

If you’re interested in planning a romantic, original picnic for two, take a look at the following ideas. They’re bound to do the trick! For some great and specific picnic locations enter “romantic picnic” in the search box below and you will find all the romantic picnic spots in Washington DC, Indianapolis, California and many many more that we mention on our Romantic Vacations site.

Four Romantic Picnic Ideas

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Romantic Picnic in Bed

Who says you have to venture outdoors to have a picnic? You can have one of the most romantic picnics ever just by hanging out in your bedroom! All it takes is for you to pack up all the things you’d normally take on a romantic picnic: food items both of you can share, wine, MP3 player to set the mood and a huge blanket.

Lay everything out right on the bed, and light some candles all around you. After you’ve eaten, you can share a romantic desert like peaches and whipped cream – that will really set the mood for romance! Having a picnic in bed will definitely give couples the time together you really want with the romantic atmosphere that will really bring you closer together!

Romantic Picnic on a Lake

Nothing is quite as serene as spending time in a row boat on a lake! It’s such a therapeutic activity for people who go fishing, so can you imagine how lovely it would be for a couple that has a picnic? During the daytime, it might be a little hot to spend picnic time out on the water, so it would be more ideal for you to wait until sunset or when night falls.

Prepare your basket with tasty treats for a night time feast, and take along a bottle of wine, a picnic blanket, blankets to cover up and a bouquet of flowers. With everything you need plus your loved one, you can have a very romantic picnic on a lake with the stars up above providing the perfect lighting

Picnic in a Horse-Drawn Carriage

There are some cities where horse-drawn carriages are widely available, and the horses are trained to go at a pretty slow pace. A great idea when planning a romantic picnic is to rent one of those carriages with enough space to put all your picnic items.

Your first mission would be to rent the carriage for a night time ride, or right at sunset. That’s what will set the mood for the romantic picnic.

Next, you would need to choose a location for the carriage to be drawn through. While it’s not really a problem to have people all around you watching as you share your romantic moment, a more secluded area would be more ideal. Perhaps you could choose a park or another wide open area.

After the venue and time are set, you’ll need to identify food items that are romantic, yet practical for a moving picnic! You really don’t want anything spilling in the carriage or all over your clothes! Finger foods are ideal, and they make the perfect bite-sized picnic treats for two!

With a picnic on a horse-drawn carriage, you can also ask the conductor to bring the ride to a halt so you can star gaze for a few minutes.

Make a Traditional Picnic Area your Own!

There are typical areas like parks and hilltops that people gather for picnics. Those might not be “original” ideas for your romantic picnic, but you could make them original by personalizing the space. Let’s say, for example, that a popular picnic park is filled with trees. You and your partner could identify a specific tree that’s ideal. Then, every time you visit that park to have a picnic, you go to that very spot. Doing that will bring back great memories of your first time there, and memories from subsequent trips to the location.

You’ll be spending much of your talking time saying “Remember when…” about each time you hung out under that picnic tree! Picnics can be very romantic, especially if you do what’s necessary to personalize the experience. Make your next picnic with your loved one personal and special, so you’ll have pleasant memories to last a lifetime!