10 New York Tips to make your stay even better

New York, the empire of contradictions, the center of commerce, finance and fashion, the axis of technology and entertainment is something to see. Believe me, if you saw the whole world, but didn’t happen to get lost in the paths of this magic city, you missed a big deal.

Wanna get acquainted with the motherland of Manhattan and the Liberty statue, and discover the secret facts about New York? Follow the lines; it’s going to be catching. Here are the top 10 New York Tips which I share from my own experience and learning.

Follow the traffic rules

New York Tips

When it comes to New York traffic, the problem gets more serious. New York is a crazy city with heavy traffic not only on the streets but also in the pedestrian areas. YES, New York has strict laws for pedestrian traffic. New Yorkers are always in a rush, and it’s not a good idea to stop them while walking. So, always keep right, never change your line unexpectedly and an important tip for women; don’t stop for selfies or texting, they can wait.. You’ll surely be pushed.

Chose a right time to visit

The tip here is not only about visiting the city, but also for every single attraction; you plan to see. The life here goes three times faster than in the rest of the world. You may happen to visit a street, a park or a monument and not see it at all. The reason? You are not the only one who wants to see it. Never plan your visit on Christmas, Thanksgiving or other national holidays. That will be a failure. Most of the attractions, restaurants, and shops have their “happy hours” with discounts and surprises. Book a visit either in advance, or avoid the happy hours. If it’s a public park, don’t go there, when it’s time for New Yorkers to go back home from their workplace. And finally, escape from the deep suburbs late at night.

New-York Tips

Go to a basketball game

At first, it seems that going to the basketball match is not a good idea for women. But we will never imagine what it is, unless we are there, standing in a vast stadium, feeling the dosage of unexplainable adrenalin in our chests. That’s an experience to have in New York. That’s an experience I had in New York. And finally, that’s a way to be a New Yorker.


Dine either earlier or later

New Yorkers like to dine outside. The average time for them to eat is 7-9PM. Do you imagine what’s going on in the restaurants at that time? It’s even better to stay hungry than plan your dinner at this time. Better have your meal either before or after New Yorkers dine. Note, ignore too cheap eateries, chain restaurants, and fast food. You can find something better in New York. A restaurant that appealed to my taste the most is the Obao Thai restaurant, Try it out when in the city.

New York-Tips

Small boutiques instead of malls

Talking globally, New York is a synonym for shopping and shopping is a synonym to heaven for women. Malls, shopping districts, and avenues are plenty here. And it’s impossible to keep far from buying dozens of stuff when in New York. Here’s the best tip for shopping. Go to the Lower East Side to check out intimate boutiques that feature local designers. Buy whatever you need in smaller shops. They present trendy new and vintage pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

New York-Tips-1

Hear the voice of New York

One of the best ways to get a real New York experience is music. The American Big Apple is a veritable music institution itself. Just choose the style you want and attend a concert. You’ll find the music of your soul in New York.

New York-Tips-2

Supervise your etiquette

Being a tourist in New York is a matter of skill. The city is an emblem of freedom. Here you can see literally anything, which can be strange, exciting, scary or surprising. Have your adequate reaction to the things you happen in streets. There can be celebrities, weird looking people and even masturbation booths on your way. Don’t stare at them and don’t take a picture without permission. You don’t need problems in New York.

New York-Tips-3

Never pay full price

It’s not a trick, it’s the way the New Yorkers live. The tempo of this city is at high speed in every sphere. Anything which is a new arrival in the shops becomes a product of discount in 2 days. So whenever you see something you want to buy, just look through the other stores or wait a day. You may find it with a surprising discount.

Display yourself like a local

New York is a city-cocktail. Such an active mixture of people, nationalities, languages, race, and religion just can’t be found anywhere else. It’s not an American city and doesn’t belong to Americans. It’s the world center of multiculturalism. So anyone who puts his foot on the New York ground is already a New Yorker. And in contrast, nobody can fully feel home in New York. This means that you’re not a stranger or a newcomer here. And whoever walks next to you in the street is not more experienced than you. Be self-confident and feel the city as if you lived here your whole life.

New York-Tips-5

Use 311 info line

And of course something, which is helpful in any case. The info line 311 is just a savior in New York. Contact them in any situation to get quick and relevant information.

Thus, New York is a huge pie and has its own tricks and treats. Try to grasp as much as you can from it and follow these tips to make your trip an unforgettable one.