Romantic Getaways in Eureka Springs Arkansas

A Victorian Love Affair: Bed and Breakfasts That Capture the Heart

Hidden away in the Ozark wilderness of Arkansas is a small quaint village with the warmth and intrigue of an unknown treasure.  Eureka Springs first drew people to its village with the discovery of natural, healing springs.  Since then, the town has also lured in visitors seeking the charm and elegance of a pristine Victorian Village.

This city draws people for many reasons.

Eureka Springs Attractions, Outdoor Activities, Spas & Wedding Ideas


Surrounded by nature and life, many couples choose to begin their life together here.  More than 2,000 weddings are performed here every year earning Eureka Springs the title as the “wedding capital” of the south.  Couples have their choice of many small and elegant chapels tucked away in the charming village.  Newlyweds then choose to begin their honeymoon hidden away in a picturesque Bed and Breakfast.

Spas & Resorts

Spas and resorts still pull in the visitors looking for a place to relax and escape from life and stress.  Palace Bath House, New Moon Spa, and Health Works are just a few of the places catering to the need to relax away the tension of life.


The streets of Eureka Springs offer still more choices for its lucky visitors.  One can browse the tiny little shops or visit one of the special museums like the Queen Anne Mansion, the Hammond Museum of Bells, or the Eureka Springs Historical Museum. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, a wildlife sanctuary for exotic animals–guests come face to face with lions, tigers, bears, primates and more. 

Outdoor Activities

If the great outdoors are calling, then follow the voice to the many gardens and natural wonders in Eureka Springs.  Follow the winding trails of Pivot Rock to explore the captivating geological formations or visit the Eureka Springs Gardens, a lush botanical garden covering 33 acres and featuring the flowers of the changing terrain from woodland to meadow to rock settings.  Once the hidden treasure of Eureka Springs is discovered, the quiet village will continue to draw its visitors back with the promise of renewal and rediscovery.

Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs Romantic Getaway in Arkansas

The Crescent Hotel & Spa hit the American landscape in 1886 as one of the most luxurious stays in the entire North America, today it is equally celebrated for its historical attributes. Along with spacious rooms, elegant furniture and a general air of sophistication, guests of the Crescent Hotel could even expect to have a horse waiting for them in the hotel’s stable during the early 20th century, providing the perfect morning exercise around the grounds.

On a more modern note, many believe that today the Crescent Hotel & Spa stands as one of the most haunted locales in the United States. Numerous tales and photo have surfaced over the years, leading the hotel to even offer Ghost Tours and complete Ghost Packages. Whether you’re believer of the paranormal or simply looking to experience traditional Eureka Springs elegance, a visit to the Crescent Hotel is sure to be a pleasing experience.


The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, AR

The Great Passion Play is dubbed as “America’s #1 outdoor drama,” but those that visit will find a host of museums and other attractions make this more than a simple play, but an encompassing experience. The actual play is a mammoth time of entertainment. Hundreds of performers take the stage in front of a 4,100 seat outdoor amphitheater, although, typically running from April through October, it may not always be in season during your stay.
That’s okay though, with the host of attractions showcased at the theater, this is still a great attraction year-round. A seven-story statue of Jesus, the largest in North America, provides a touching sight. The Museum of Earth History, Sacred Arts Center, Bible Museum, Berlin Wall exhibit and Smith Memorial Chapel also provide interesting sights that any religious minded visitor is sure to find fascinating.

Sunset Cabins Romantic Getaways in Eureka Springs Arkansas

romantic getaways in eureka springs arkansas

Located on the edge of Eureka Springs, a village where endless surprises abound. It is there, just minutes from the heart of downtown that you will find Eureka Sunset Cabins. Look, and you’ll see the quaint Cottage Style Rooms, each with its own personal entrance. The uniquely designed quality Cabins, with all of their custom charm, are nestled on six wooded acres right in the village itself.

Imagine driving into a beautiful forest of rustic elegant lodging where nature surrounds you with its beauty, where birds are chirping, deer are galloping, and squirrels run and play. It’s a peaceful, private and romantic place to get-a-way.

Once you arrive, explore the spacious accommodations, beginning with the balconies and decks that allow you to sit out, cook out, and look out into the deep forest beyond.

Privacy leads to serenity, and you’ll find it in abundance there. They’ll never impose. In fact, the accommodations are designed to be self-sufficient, from a variety of kitchens, to stacked washer-dryers in some of the cabins. If you choose, you may check in and count on never being disturbed until you leave, and, your stay is even more special with little touches like fresh coffee beans and microwave popcorn. You’ll delight in the focus on a smoke-free privacy. A smoking area is provided with each cottage style room and cabin on the back deck overlooking the Eureka Springs woods.

Prices range from $129 to $169 per night for double occupancy.