Cheap Romantic Getaways: 3 Booking Tips, 3 Cheap Destinations and 3 Ideas for Affordable Romantic Getaways

cheap romantic getawaysEvery couple loves to go on a romantic getaway! But cheap romantic getaways might be hard to find if you don’t know where to start looking. Looking for Romance on a Budget? Check out these perfect getaways!

There’s nothing quite as romantic as leaving behind the hustle and bustle in the company of your favorite someone. In fact, you’d probably want to do it more often than you currently do, but unfortunately those little getaways can cost a pretty penny! But alas, there’s light at the end of the romantic getaway tunnel! There are actually some great destinations and cheap romantic getaways ideas for you and your partner to get away and spend time together without actually leaving yourselves broke at the end of it. Take a look at some of the more affordable, yet romantic and enjoyable getaway ideas for two.

3 TIPS for Booking Cheap Romantic Getaways

Finding a Cheap Romantic Getaway Flight

Priceline is leading travel service for value-conscious leisure travelers and also offers hotels, cars and discount vacation packages. This industry-leader in cheap airfares offers Round-Trip Flights Under $150!

Low-Fare carrier JetBlue offers romantic destination in continental U.S., Bermuda, Mexico, the Caribbean or Latin America with a Getaways vacation package. You’ll get JetBlue flights, hotel stay, car rental and even attraction tickets for one great price!

Finding a Cheap Romantic Getaway Hotel

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Go for a Cheap Romantic Getaway Package Deal

A good place to start looking is Priceline – they offer All-Inclusive Vacation Packages from $443 pp!

You can also find deals at Vacation All Inclusive Outlet — vacation specials are available from the Secrets, Rendezvous, Couples Sans Souci, Grand Lido, Palace and Couples..

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Cheap Romantic Getaways Destinations

Cheap Romantic Getaways: Destination 1 – Mexico

Going on Mexico vacations is an excellent choice – whether it’s a honeymoon or a 50th anniversary, pristine beaches and romantic getaways make hearts flutter. Here are some special vacation packages, romantic hotels, restaurants and things to do on your Mexico romantic vacation. Mexico Air + Hotel vacation packages from $471 pp! Escape the crowds in Yucatan, Cancun, Acapulco, Los Cabos, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta Ixtapa, Mexico City, Los Cabos and Puerta Vallarta with candlelight dinners, sunset cruises or strolls and evenings full of ambiance.

Cheap Romantic Getaways: Destination 2 – Visit San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose is a favorite destination for lovers on a budget. It’s the kind of destination where all your needs for adventure and romance are met. Some of the more affordable options for vacationing in Costa Rica include river rafting, mountain biking and hiking. These activities will cost you virtually nothing, and you’ll enjoy the priceless time you have with your special someone.

You can also enjoy time together along the coast, partaking in kayaking, surfing and snorkeling to view the beautiful tropical reefs!

Cheap Romantic Getaways: Destination 3 – Rio de Janeiro Bound!

During the off season after the carnival has come and gone, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will make the perfect romantic getaway to suit your pocket. Hotels and airfare will be more than reasonable during the low season, and the great thing is that you’ll still be able to explore the Brazilian culture when you get there.

Your vacation to Rio won’t be complete until you visit the two famous beaches – Copacabana and Ipanema. Sharing these memories together will only serve to bring you closer!

Cheap Romantic Getaways Ideas

Without a doubt, taking a romantic getaway can be a costly venture, but if you use enough creativity and explore the options more thoroughly, you’ll be able to find the right kind of vacation to fit both your budget and your need to spend quality time with your loved one!

Cheap Romantic Getaways: Idea 1 – Go Cruisin’ Together

Believe it or not, there are actually cheap romantic cruises out there! Going on a cruise is a great way to enjoy time with your partner, because although you’re on a ship with hundreds of other people, you’ll also enjoy the serenity of being in the middle of the ocean!

If you’re from the United States or its surrounding countries, you can board great Caribbean cruises for prices starting at $160 or Priceline Last-Minute Cruises from $60/ night!. Whether you’re from Florida, Boston or New York, you’ll definitely have options to book a romantic getaway on the ocean.

Other options that are priced somewhere in the middle include Hawaii, Bahamas or the Mediterranean but they may cost you a little more.
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Cheap Romantic Getaways: Idea 2 – Take a Beach Vacation

As simple as it seems, spending time on the beach as a couple is one of the most romantic activities you can partake in! Just the two of you in the midst of the vast ocean and miles of sand is the kind of memory you’ll want to have for a lifetime.

Your options for romance on the beach include:

  • Hanging around on the shore, soaking up the sun’s rays
  • Taking romantic strolls along the shore at night
  • Parasail together and marvel at the beauty of the world beneath you
  • Snorkel hand in hand and experience the beauty of life beneath the ocean

Some of the best beaches in the world are in California and Florida. If you’re from the US, they’ll make great options, because you won’t have to spend much on traveling to get there, and the experience will be worth it!
Outside the US, some great beach getaway locations are the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.

Some options for a romantic hiking getaway include:

  • Inca Trail in Peru – known more for its breathtaking scenery as you traverse the modest trails.
  •  Appalachian Mountains in Eastern United States – were considered the highest mountains many centuries ago.
  • The Alps stretching across much of Europe – perfect for winter hiking and skiing if you happen to be in the area!
  • Sedona in Arizona – a desert-like destination that makes for a unique romantic getaway for two.


Cheap Romantic Getaways: Idea 3 – Take a Hike!

Hiking is another affordable option for couples who want to get away together for a while. There’s just something special about a hiking experience that brings people closer together as they also become one with nature!

Apart from the hiking gear, water and airfare, both of you can enjoy a hiking getaway on a budget, and still be able to pay the bills when you get back home.